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Summer School

Solid waste and wastewater management in developing countries: challenges and perspectives”

June 9 – June 15,  2019 / Lomé, Togo


Poor waste management may lead to a number of environmental and health issues such as: contamination of surface and ground waters; contamination of soils; spreading of diseases by different vectors like birds, insects, and rodents; odour in landfills; and uncontrolled release of methane by anaerobic decomposition of waste. Failure by most developing countries to adequately manage solid waste and wastewater is, therefore, negatively affecting their ability to achieve the Sustainable Development Goals.


On successful completion of the Summer School, the participants will have acquired knowledge on the various solid waste and wastewater management technologies available worldwide; the challenges local governments in developing countries face in implementing waste management program-mes and the potential benefits arising from implementation of sustainable waste manage-ment programmes.

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